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Public Education and Community Outreach

The Baltimore City Fire Department's Public Education and Community Outreach arm works to reach, educate and train the public on fire and life safety hazards, Hands-Only CPR, and medical ailments found throughout our community. The goal of Public Education/Community Outreach is for a safer Baltimore City through educational preventative measures, early intervention and a better quality of life through a healthy lifestyle.

Our members can be found at local community meetings, health fairs, and special events. This gives the BCFD an opportunity to interact with tens of thousands of people a year, disseminating a message of safety first.

Our focus is to “Always Mention Prevention”. 

Current programs include:

Installing smoke alarms

Safety Sweeps

In an effort to increase fire safety and homes with working smoke alarms, the BCFD performs home safety sweeps, fire-safety information, and home escape planning every Saturday for two hours. Local fire companies can be seen throughout the city going door to door providing fire safety checks, smoke alarm test and free smoke alarms in residences that do not have alarms or have malfunctioning alarms. To request a free smoke alarm, please click here or call 311.

Car Seat Installation **By Appointment Only** 

Car Seat CheckThree out of every four car seats are used incorrectly. To combat this safety issue the BCFD and Safe Kids Baltimore team up to help parents/guardians check the installation of their child safety seat on the first Friday of every month. The installation visit helps parents/guardians answer some important questions such as, “ When is it safe to turn my child forward facing?” “When is it safe for my child to stop using a booster seat?” Stop Wondering – Come to the safety seat check. To schedule your appointment visit Safe Kids Baltimore.

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Inspector Detector (school-based program): Throughout the school year, Safe Kids Baltimore and the Baltimore City Fire Department conduct an interactive, high-energy fire safety program called Inspector Detector. It goes well beyond "Stop, Drop and Roll";  teaching first, second and third graders about fire safety, including the importance of escape routes and a family meeting place, as well as "get out and stay out." A post-test assessment of the program identifies children who are in homes without working smoke alarms. Fire officials are then able to install alarms in those homes. Every year, several thousand students are exposed to this fire safety message. If you are a teacher or school official and would like to learn more about the program, please visit the following website: Baltimore Safe Kids.


Mobile Safety Center: The Mobile Safety Center (MSC) is available to visit your neighborhood or your community event, as long as you are within the Baltimore City limits. We tailor our presentation and our services to work with children, parents and caregivers only, older adults or mixed age groups. Our expertise is educating about the injury risks common in the home and what can be done to better protect people from unintentional injuries.

Inside the MSC visitors learn about the common injury hazards that can be found in typical rooms within a home: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and stairway. Baltimore City Fire Department fire educators will lead visitors through a variety of interactive exhibits to learn how to prevent falls, burns, poisonings, strangulation and other unintended injuries in their homes and neighborhoods. We will work with you to determine if tours will focus on one or two topics or if they will be a review of all safety topics.

To schedule an appointment, please complete the MSC Request Form. File Mobile Safety Center Event Request Form

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Youth Fire and Life Safety ProgramThe Baltimore City Fire Department is pleased to announce its NEW Youth Fire and Life Safety Program (YF&LS). The NEW program employs two components, ensuring a greater reach into the community served by the Baltimore City Fire Department. The program demonstrates a dual approach in providing fire safety information to our youth.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, children cause more than 49,000 fires per year. Children are responsible for 46 percent of all fires deliberately set in this country. Each year, nearly 80 people are killed and $235 million in property is destroyed in fires attributed to children playing with fire. Deaths related to children playing with fire can be avoided.

The Baltimore City Fire Department's Youth Fire and Life Safety Program (YF&LS) is designed to teach children about the damaging consequences of playing with fire, common fire dangers, how to identify fire and life-safety hazards in their homes and how to be champions for fire safety within their communities.

In-School Program

The first component engages our youth in the classroom; student participation is coordinated through The Baltimore City Public School System’s Office of Suspension Services. This component stands on early intervention and education with our youth to highlight the dangers and consequences of fire. Some topics of the In-School Program include:

· The impact  of fire and other hazards in our community
· Common fire dangers found in our community
· Correcting fire dangers

The In-School Program is offered from September to May; times and designated locations for In-School presentations are scheduled through the BCPSS Office of Suspension Services. To find out more about the In-School program or to schedule a presentation please contact the Office of Suspension Services at 410-396-8634.

Community-Based Program

The second component engages both youth and adults in a dynamic and interactive setting designed to deliver fire-safety information to families. This is a standalone Saturday program is FREE and open to the general public. Families will receive an entertaining yet educational presentation. Some topics of the Community Based Program include:

· The benefits of smoke alarms in the home
· Home escape planning
· Pedestrian safety

The Community Based Program is offered once a month, on designated Saturdays, at The Office of the Fire Marshal located at 410 East Lexington Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. Please register early as classes fill up fast. All participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the entire class.

Upcoming Community-Based Classes:
-Classes are held every 3rd Saturday of the month 

For enrollment, please complete the application found here: Youth Fire and Life Safety Program or contact the Baltimore City Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshal at (410) 396-5752. 

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Community Outreach event

Community Outreach

To request any of the following community outreach services only, please complete the Event Request Form.

Hands-Only CPR Training

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. Although citizens may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency, knowing how to administer Hands-Only CPR can make the difference and saves lives. Hands-Only CPR is recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult suddenly collapse in an “out-of-hospital” setting (such as at home, work or school). It is an American Heart Association approved CPR method that does not require mouth-to-mouth breaths. This life-saving skill has been beneficial in enabling bystanders to assist a person in cardiac arrest prior to EMS arrival. The State of Maryland mandates that all high school students complete this course prior to graduation.

Emergency Medical Services Presentation and Information

Baltimore City Fire Department Educators and BEAT (Building Education and Awareness Team) members will attend your event and conduct small formal presentations and group discussions about disease processes such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disease, asthma, heat-related illnesses and other emerging issues as they relate to healthcare. We provide literature with information about these health illnesses including the signs and symptoms, risk factors, prevention, and treatments.

EMS Standby

Citizens may request the Baltimore City Fire Department medic unit at community events. The members on the medic will engage with event participants, allow citizens to tour the unit, ask questions about the functions of the unit and educate them on the duties of its paramedics.

Career Presentations

Baltimore City Fire Department Educators and BEAT (Building Education and Awareness Team) members will make a formal appearance at your event and conduct a presentation that discusses personal experiences and educates the community about the various positions, responsibilities, and requirements needed to obtain a career within the BCFD.

Blood Pressure Screening

Members of the Baltimore City Fire Department will attend your event and conduct blood pressure screenings on participants which can detect, identify and prevent the onset of hypertension, heart disease or other serious illnesses. We will provide health pamphlets about sodium intake, diets, and other pertinent information as it relates to hypertension.

Fire Truck / Engine: the BCFD will send a truck or engine to your event; the members on the truck/engine will engage with the event participants and educate them on fire and life safety.

**Please keep in mind that apparatus is in service and may have to respond to a 911 call. If they must respond, they will make every effort to return.**

Fire & Life Safety Presentations: BCFD safety educators will provide a high-energy and dynamic safety presentation to all event participants. Topics will vary based on audience, request, and season. At the conclusion of the presentation, the educator will conduct a Q&A session.

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