What is Equity in BCFD

BCFD EquityThe illustration dirved from Northwestern Health Unit and is described as three people of different heights are trying to reach the fruit on the tree. In this case, the fruit symbolizes good health. The different heights of the people represents the unequal distribution of the social determinants of health in society. If we treat these people equally, we would give everyone the same box to stand on, so only the tallest person could reach the fruit. If we treat them equitably, we would give them as many boxes as they need to reach the fruit. 


What is Equity

According to the City of Baltimore’s Equity Policy, “Equity” is defined as “closing the gaps in policy, practice, and allocation of resources so that race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and income do not predict one’s success, while also improving outcomes for all.”  

 Equity in BCFD

The Baltimore City Fire Department is committed to increasing diversity throughout the entire department while creating a diverse environment that provides opportunities for individuals of every race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, or creed.

Who are We

We are a World Class Fire Department and we have been proudly serving the Citizens of the Great City of Baltimore for more than 150 years! 

Mission Statement
The Baltimore City Fire Department is a diverse and evolving extension of the community, committed to providing excellent service to all we serve, in a professional and humanitarian way. We pledge to protect lives, property and the environment, through a safe, effective, and timely response. We will be innovative in providing service in emergency medical services, fire suppression, rescue, emergency communication, fire prevention, community outreach and other others.

Community Involvement 

Did You Know

The Baltimore City Fire Department continues to build upon the motto: “Pride Protecting People”. Sworn and civilian members strive to bring positive change to residents within the City of Baltimore. As a city agency, BCFD has partnerships with key stakeholders, local community members, and partnering organizations to help strengthen and encourage the community.  Did You Know that BCFD has the following programs within Baltimore City: 

BCFD High School Program 
A partnership between BCFD, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the Maryland Fire Rescue Institute, that offers high school students an opportunity to receive Fire/EMT training. The participating schools are: Douglass, Dunbar and Patterson High Schools and Vivian T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy. Once a student graduates, they are eligible to apply for entry-level positions within the BCFD. 

Camp Spark 
A free two-day fire service camp designed for girls to learn what firefighting is all about. Through Camp Spark, girls ages 12-16, have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, participate in real-world firefighting experiences, focus on team building, and engage in hands-on Fire/EMS simulations and more. Camp Spark aims to inspire more women to consider a career within the fire service.  

MIHCP Community Paramedicine
Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) is a partnership between BCFD, the City of Baltimore, UMMC, and UMBMIH-CP is a community-based program that supports the health of individuals through a comprehensive, free, multidisciplinary approach for patients outside the hospital setting. Paramedics and nurses with advanced training provide individuals’ healthcare at their homes while also providing convenient, unscheduled care access. MIH-CP works to improve healthcare access for underserved communities while addressing health disparities. MIH-CP serves residents living in the following zip codes 21216, 21217, 21223, 21229, 21201, and 21230.  

Youth Summer Camp
The Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD) Youth Fire and Life Safety Summer Camp is a unique opportunity for Baltimore's youth ages 8-16. The week-long camp allows campers to participate in fire safety sessions, focus on team building & leadership skills, tour the Fire Museum of Maryland, and a number of other hands-on activities related to fire safety. 


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