Frequently Asked Questions

I am calling to schedule an inspection.

All life safety systems inspection requests are to be called into 311 in Baltimore city or direct dial 443-263-2220. Directions are listed in the approval letter. The OFM has up to 7 BUSINESS days to contact them.

It has been over 7 business days and I have not been called to schedule.

All members may access 311 system and can enter the confirmation (SR#) to see who it is assigned to. The customer can look up their 311 status by going to: . They will need to select Check 311 Request Status it will give two tabs: 1st shows date called in and date to be called by, 2nd tab shows status and at least initials of inspector assigned.

I am checking on my e-plans status.

Contractor can check status via the e-plans message board. The OFM has 30 days to review drawings. The guaranteed review date is only for Department of Housing Plans Review Department. Planes listed as Fire Dept. Referral means the plans are assigned to the Fire Department for Review. Fire Dept. Review means the plans are assigned to a reviewer. The name of the reviewer is shown or may be initials such as DDAW.

I am not getting a response to posts on message board.

Customer needs to ensure they are sending the messages to the Fire Dept. Review w/Plans. They may contact the reviewer directly.

General phone calls.

Plans review members are generally in the office between 0700-0900hrs. and 1500-1700hrs. dependent on their shift. Customers should be given cell numbers and advised calls will be returned based on member scheduled work shifts.


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