Baltimore City Fire Department Live-Well Program Offers Resources During Traumatic Events

Baltimore City Fire Department Live-Well Program Offers Resources During Traumatic Events 

The tragic death of George Floyd has incited reactions across the nation. The visuals of the horrific incident have traumatized many, triggering numerous emotions including sadness, anger and fear.  
It is common for people who have been exposed to such tragic events, whether in person, in the news or online, to have strong emotional reactions. These responses are normal. Understanding them can help you cope with your feelings, thoughts and behaviors in a productive way.  
The Live Well program, provided by BHS, is available to listen and help those who are experiencing emotional difficulties related to the incident. The Employee Assistance Program is a free and confidential resource and is available:   

  1. If you find yourself reacting to the news with feelings of horror, outrage, sadness, anxiety, fear, anger or shock
  2. If you are looking for a safe space to process world events
  3. If you know that your loved ones, colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, etc. are having emotional reactions to the shocking events of the world, and you want to discuss how you can support them
  4. If your self-care is being negatively impacted by world events  

BHS is available 24/7 to speak with a live master’s level clinician for in the moment support or to set up services. To connect with the Employee Assistance Program, call 800-327-2251. You can also download the BHS App from the App Store or Google Play. Visit Username: BCFD 

BCFD Live Well has several relevant informational resources that are reflective to what's currently happening:

PDF icon Managing Sensitive News Topics at Work
PDF icon Supporting a Diverse Environment at Work
PDF icon Avoiding Stereotypes in the Workplace
PDF icon Coping with Traumatic Events in the News
PDF icon Talking to Children About Traumatic Events
PDF icon How to Cope with Discrimination