Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and Chief Niles R. Ford Will Present a Certificate of Heroism to a 10-Year-old Boy who Saved His Step-Mother’s Life

February 21, 2017 – (Baltimore, MD) – On Wednesday, February 22, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and Chief Niles R. Ford will present a 10-year-old boy with a certificate for his bravery and heroism for saving his step-mother’s life.

On February 7, Tonya Caver, 32, collapsed on the floor after suffering an asthma attack and bronchial spasm—where she went in and out of consciousness. Her step-son Logan Wilks could have easily panicked, yet he remained calm and managed to dial 911. 

"Aiding in saving his step-mother's life is extremely commendable," said Mayor Pugh. "These are the stories we need to hear and I am more than proud of Logan's courageousness."

Tonya said during her medical emergency, she was the only adult in the house with two children; Logan and his 3-year-old stepsister Jrue, but the brave 10-year-old took control, built up courage to help his step-mother—an act of heroism that was way beyond his year.

“I am truly grateful to Logan. I always call him my sidekick, but this time he was a true hero,” said Caver. “If it were not for his quick thinking I don’t know if I would be alive to tell the tale. Thank you Logan.”

When Logan called 911, he said, "my step-mother was on the floor and she couldn’t breathe.”

“What Logan did was not only an act of bravery, he demonstrated the ability to think fast in a crisis situation,” said Chief Ford. “This is an incident that could have turned out for the worst, yet we had a 10-year-old who paid attention and aided in saving the life of his step-mother.”

Note to Media: Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and Chief Niles R. Ford will present Logan Wilks with a Certificate of Heroism on February 22, 2017 at 10 a.m. at City Hall | Ceremonial Room 2nd Floor.  



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