Chief's Corner


As your Fire Chief, I want to use this opportunity to highlight the amazing things you all are doing within the department. With the many challenges you continue to face as we navigate our way through COVID-19, I remain in awe of the commitment and dedication you continue to make to the residents of this city!

The Chief’s Corner is a platform designed especially for you! While I would typically like to meet and have an open dialogue in person, I would like to continue our conversations – virtually. It is my intention to continue this format even after resuming station visits in the near future.

As members of the fire department, you can submit any questions to me via email addressing any changes, challenges, concerns, ideas, policies, recommendations or if you just want to say hello! I want to hear from you!

So I encourage you to email me at [email protected]



  • Can our ranks be added to the BCFD Uniform Shirts?


  • It was promised that MOPs would be updated and we would not operate off of memos or bulletins. Is there an option to assign MOPs to Deputy Chief's to oversee each division?


  • Is there a plan in place to evaluate all MOPs and Departmental Orders? When would they be released?

  • Can members receive a hood attachment that zips/snaps in place for BCFD winter/raincoats?

  • Why are members assigned to a floater or temporary assignment ineligible for a transfer?

  • Can members in the field have access to Active911?

  • Once members are fully vaccinated, are face mask required?

  • KN95 Vs. Surgical Mask

  • Will the transfer request list return to BCFD word forms?

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